Fence Tips

Include your neighbors

Don’t surprise your direct abutters. The sight of a fence suddenly rising near or along your neighbors’ property lines can sometimes alarm them. Notify neighbors of your plans in advance to avoid possible tensions, disputes and questions that might race through their minds the day of installation: “What’s going on? Will this fence be a monstrosity? What’s the finished product going to look like? Will it encroach on my property lines? Will the workers destroy my lawn in the process?”

Befriend and reassure your neighbors of your tasteful intentions and the solid reputation of your installer. Most abutters will appreciate being included. And inclusion can often influence their view of your project from their side of the fence. If your intention is largely, or in part, to gain privacy, your neighbors will be gaining privacy as well. So show them a picture of the fence style and the plans you’ve chosen. Even direct them to the Ideal Fence website so they gain another level of comfort. If neighbors fail to embrace the project with your level of enthusiasm, they will be much less antagonistic than if they were ignored completely. If neighbors become hostile to your plans, add another six inches to the fence height (Only kidding. But remember, in the end, it’s your house and property.)

Planning your fence

The three principal reasons for a fence:

  • Privacy
  • Decoration
  • Security

Privacy: Remember, a good privacy fence acts as decoration, not as an imposing wall. Your fence style and height should fit your home and environment. If you require a tall fence, consider tapering it down in section heights to avoid a “monotonous” run and a steep and harsh cut off. Tapering creates a pleasant aesthetic. In addition, the right landscaping can soften and lessen fence height as well.

Decoration: Beyond the fence style your choose, consider ornamental aspects to supplement your fence – the right gate, an arbor, a decorative mailbox post.

Security: A fence around a pool or yard to keep children and pets “corralled” should not have the look and feel of a prison wall. Ask Ideal Fence for the most creative and economical means to mask your security objective.


Stylish fencing forms the backdrop and backbone for your landscape. If your budget won’t allow for extensive landscaping, ask Ideal Fence for economical ideas and appropriate plantings that can be added to accent your new look over time. Do you want do-it-yourself suggestions or can we recommend landscapers – to thank you for your business – who will “treat you right.”